Najm Al-Deen Kassem • 15 Sep 2023

Is Yemen handing over control of communications to the UAE?

On August 21, the Yemeni cabinet of the internationally recognized government signed a clandestine investment agreement in the telecom sector…

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Najm Al-Deen Kassem • 24 Aug 2023

Threats to Ban YouTube and Facebook in Yemen

On July 18, 2023, YouTube terminated around 20 Houthi-affiliated channels for “violating YouTube’s community guidelines.” In response to these restrictions,…

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smexadmin • 08 Dec 2017

Internet Shutdown in Yemen: Recurring Disruptions Threaten Civilian Safety, Human Rights, and Press Freedom

Feature image: Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Data depicts the outage of the internet in Yemen on the night of Thursday,…

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