SMEX • 13 Dec 2021

Jawaker Needs to Improve its Privacy Policy

Jawaker, a card game application popular in Arabic-speaking countries, has been recently sold to the Swedish company Stillfront. It would…

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SMEX • 15 Feb 2021

Data Protection and Privacy Laws In MENA: A Case Study Of Covid-19 Contact Tracing Apps [Report]

This report analyzes data protection and privacy laws in Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait. Joey Shea, a…

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SMEX • 27 Jan 2021

The Future of Biometrics and Digital ID in Lebanon: Assessing Proposed Systems for Elections and Social Assistance [Report]

In Lebanon, passports, drivers’ licenses, work permits, residency permits, and humanitarian aid all use systems that require biometric data, such…

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SMEX • 22 Apr 2020

Leveraging your users’ data? Think twice

This article appeared first on MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab Region . “It was my mistake and I am sorry.”…

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