Abed Kataya • 02 Feb 2023

Who Inspects the Central Inspection Platforms in Lebanon?

When the Lebanese Central Inspection launched the IMPACT platform, it resolved one issue but gave rise to another. While IMPACT…

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SMEX • 14 Apr 2021

Pharmaline: Do Not Use Vaccine-Seekers Data for Commercial Purposes!

SMEX calls upon public bodies and private companies to respect the privacy of vaccine-seekers and to abide by the laws…

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Mohammed Farahat • 24 Mar 2021

Coronavirus Trials in Egypt: Blurring the Lines Between Fake News and Freedom of Expression

With the surge of Covid cases in Egypt, the government imposed further restrictions on the freedom of expression and opinion….

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Omar Amdi • 18 Mar 2021

E-Learning in Morocco: Excluding Students in Marginalized areas

On Monday, March 16 2020, the Ministry of Education in Morocco decided to halt classes across all departments and divisions,…

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SMEX • 11 Sep 2020

Security Concerns with Lebanon’s New Contact Tracing App

On September 1, the Ministry of Public Health launched Ma3an – Together Against Corona, a contact-tracing application intended to stop…

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