Madleine Balesi • 07 May 2024

AI, spyware, and GPS jamming: How Israel abuses tech for genocide

Over the last two decades, there has been no shortage of predictions regarding the relevance of cyberspace in conflict. As…

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  • Gaza
SMEX • 15 Mar 2024

Tell Meta: Stop Silencing Palestine

Press Release 14 March 2024 Palestinian and global digital rights groups bring top Meta executive to the table on issues…

  • Algorithm
  • Censorship
  • Gaza
Zeinab Ismail • 01 Nov 2023

Internet in Gaza: Limited even before war

“Recent airstrikes amidst relentless aggression have severely damaged the last-standing international routes connecting Gaza to the outside world, in addition…

  • Gaza
  • internet shutdowns
  • Palestine
Dionysia Peppa • 27 Oct 2023

From Sheikh Jarrah to Gaza: Meta continues to systematically censor the Palestinian narrative

On October 13, Meta released a statement outlining a series of measures introduced by the company to moderate harmful content…

  • Content Moderation
  • Meta
  • Palestine
SMEX • 25 Oct 2023

Staying safe online in the context of conflict in Gaza  

Author: Sage Cheng | Access Now’s Digital Security Helpline | SMEX’s Digital Safety Helpdesk With conflict escalating, it is becoming harder and harder for…

  • Cybercrime
  • Gaza
  • Israeli occupation
Afnan Abu Yahya • 12 Oct 2023

From Shutting Down Telecom Networks to Targeting Journalists: How “Israel” is destroying Gaza’s digital infrastructure

Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, during which resistance fighters stormed Zionist settlements around Gaza in a secretly planned and flawlessly executed attack,…

  • Freedom Of Speech
  • Gaza
  • Israeli occupation
Sarah Cupler • 26 May 2023

A Brief Overview of AI Use in WANA

Governments and private sectors in West Asia and North Africa are calling to employ AI to strengthen their economies and…

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