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In November 2018, the Lebanese Government issued an order to block all access to the online website building platform, Wix, which is an online company that provides web hosting. Wix is ranked #1 out of 31 website builders technologies in Lebanon. Around the same time, at least one porn site was blocked. A few weeks later, Grindr users were shocked by their sudden inability to access the app using 3G or 4G service, and neither of the two Lebanese telecom companies, Alfa and Touch, made any clarifications about the block.

We published in March 2015 a database of 50 blocked websites mainly for content related to 23 escort services, 11 Israeli websites, 8 gambling content, 5 alleged child pornography, two breaching copyright website, and one related to LGBT content.

We are updating this database by testing different links on different services. We encourage you to test these websites through your ISPs and add more blocked websites. Send us your updated result by a message requiring a comment access, making sure to mention your ISP.

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