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Aggregating Feeds for Lebanon's Municipal Elections

Update: It really doesn’t seem to be working. We could use some help. We’re experimenting with Yahoo Pipes to aggregate the RSS feeds for the following hashtags and accounts: #engageleb, #lebloggers, #lebelect, @ladeleb, #hibrme, lebanon+elections, #lebelections, #womencan. We’ve connected the Fetch Feed module with the Unique operator to reduce repetition by title. The results are […]

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Arab Women Technologists Start Rewiring the World in Zouk Mikael

SMEX and Arab Techies have spent the past couple of months organizing a meetup of about 34 women from ten Arab countries to talk about technology, empowerment, entrepreneurship, development, and whatever else they want to put on the table. Participants are programmers, web developers, artists, teachers, professors, PhD students, bloggers, social media experts, activists, NGO […]

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