Lebanon Protests: Tips for Safely Documenting Human Rights Violations

After security forces detained an estimated 300 people last night and security forces and militias attacked protestors both yesterday and today, we want to provide tips on how to safely and securely document human rights violations during demonstrations. Documentation of violations contributes to the protection of victims’ rights and enables the prosecution of human rights violators 

Protestors detained at demonstrations in Beirut on October 18. Twitter.

Save is an application to collect multimedia (audio, photographs, and videos), which saves collected multimedia anonymously, without collecting data on who took the pictures or video. The application is free and available for Android and iOS. Users can add metadata and license multimedia under creative commons, Multimedia content can be archived  through Tor or through a VPN as well. The application makes it easy to store, share, and publish your multimedia while protecting your identity. 

We do not want to discourage protestors from posting violations on social media, but want to ensure that they understand other options are available.

Grant Baker