Designing Leafcutter [Bread&Net 2020 Session]

In October 2019 activists and journalists in Lebanon were facing threats, account suspensions, devices being hacked and censorship. That’s why SMEX opened a telephone line for people to reach out for help.

In this session of #Breadandnet2020, Operations Manager Lucie Doumanian and Technology Unit Lead Samar Halal talk to Principal Cybersecurity Operations Engineer at MITRE Ingrid Skoog about the project of designing Leafcutter, a tool to collect data that can be used to improve #DigitalRights.

Doumanian and Al Halal tell the background on why they designed Leafcutter and some simple wireframes and user stories. Leafcutter puts information of incidents be put in a visual context to see what’s going wrong and how it can be improved in terms of advocacy for the digital space.


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SMEX is a registered Lebanese NGO that works to advance self-regulating information societies in the Middle East and North Africa.