Yamli's Dynamic Translator Project

Screenshot of Yamli dynamic translator
Yamli's dynamic translator lets you type, translate, and edit in near real-time.

Yamli has launched a tool that lets you edit the machine translation almost as you type. Based on Google’s translation API and consisting of a simple set up of two side-by-side boxes, users type in the original language in the left-hand box and watch as the machine translation is generated in real time on the right-hand side. But that’s not all, the machine translation is ready for human interpretation on the spot. Copy-paste the results, and that’s it.
Called the dynamic translator project, the tool was developed, says Yamli creator Habib Haddad, “as an experiment in finding a more natural interaction.” So far, I don’t see any information about whether this tool will learn from the translations users do, as Google’s Translator Toolkit does, but it’s definitely got ease of use going for it, especially since you don’t need an account.
Try it out and send your feedback.


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