SOCIAL HOUR at RootSpace!

We’re Hosting Social Hour at RootSpace (Saifi- Beirut) on Wednesday July 9.

THE SERIES: Social Media for Social Change, hosted by RootSpace and the Social Media Exchange.

EPISODE 1: “Blogging, citizen journalism, social networks, etc…What alternative media exists in Lebanon, and what benefit can it provide?”

Key Questions: Does media choice exist in Lebanon? Does it matter? Does alternative media have an impact? What role can Lebanon play in the region?

A discussion between all of the guests/participants, with the panel and moderator as a reference and to guide the discussion:

– Razan Ghazzawi (blogger; contributor to Global Voices)
– Maya Rahal (
– Moussa Bachir (blogger, physics teacher, contributor to Global Voices)
– Possibly other special guests, MODERATOR: Bashir Saade (AUBTime)

Happy hour starts at 6:30pm… discussion from 7-8pm … and social hour continues after that. 🙂
You can also check the event out on Facebook by clicking here.

Hope to see you there!

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SMEX is a registered Lebanese NGO that works to advance self-regulating information societies in the Middle East and North Africa.

  1. Why was it so hard for me to have found this blog.
    Seems very interesting, will definitely include to my rss feeds. cheers 🙂

  2. jester,
    thanks for leaving a comment. it probably took awhile because until about two or three weeks ago, we didn’t exist. we’re still getting our digital workflow and seo, etc., figured out. but please keep checking back for more news. you hold the honor of being the first person to comment.

  3. Blacksmith Jade

    Hi JDNajem,

    I wish this event were better advertised!! I tried to help out a bit by putting up a post about it on my blog…

    …but I have to say that given that this social media exchange has a lot to do with blogging, its a shame that many of the country’s bloggers have heard nothing about it!!

    My recommendation is that you compile an email list of Lebanese bloggers (you can get pretty comprehensive lists of Lebanese blogs from such places as my bloglist or aggregators like Lebanon Aggregator) and send out an email advertising this blog and any other events/campaigns u launch.

    Hopefully u’ll keep us updated on any further developments!

  4. blacksmith jade,
    thanks for the post, and please forgive us. we’re just getting started and this event came together in a matter of days. we’ll definitely work on getting the word out, and you idea for listing Lebanese bloggers on our site is a good one. we’ll get right on it. we shot a lot of video of tonight’s event. we’ll condense and compress and post the link when it’s available.

  5. Blacksmith Jade

    Well best of luck to you and your work and keep us updated with any material or events we can help promote!

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