Share Is Hitting Beirut!!

Many people from different places in the world are joining SHAREbeirut to share their knowledge, ideas and vision to topics related to Internet, Netculture, hacktivisn, Anonymity, Censorship, Future, Remix…
You are going to be busy and having fun this weekend, because SHARE conference is not like any other conference, it’s full of youth, music, performances and debates!
SMEX is proud to be one of SHARE’s partners. Also, we’ll be moderating a session on “Freedom of Media” with ACCESS and the Jordanian campaign 7oryanet. We will be discussing the new Internet freedom/press and publication law in Jordan, and will be facilitating a round table to open discussion on Internet freedom/policy challenges in the Arab region and the community role in raising awareness
Come with a Share spirit and join us for the next 3 days in Beirut.
Check the booklet of ShareBeirut to know what you want to attend the most!! Looking forward to seeing everybody there


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