Panel invitation: “Freedom and Privacy: The Impossible Equation?”

Poster from Samir Kassir 10th anniversary festival

Digital footprints are the traces we leave during our use of the internet. The tools to track them are getting more sophisticated day by day. All our actions in the World Wide Web, whether we like on Facebook, we tweet from Twitter, we create shopping lists on Amazon or we just browse the web for information – all our behavior produces tons of data everyday… But what does this actually mean?
The panel is organized by the Samir Kassir Foundation (named after the assassinated Lebanese journalist and on his 10th anniversary during Beirut spring festival), the panel to address key questions: Who gets the data? Who has the ability to decipher it? How is the data commoditized? What implication does this new form of connectivity have on people’s personal and public freedom and on political systems? How do “good guys” and “bad guys” use the data?
Panel discussion with Kevin Collier (@kevincollierDaily Dot – USA), Reem Al-Masri (@reemalmasri / – Jordan), Sascha Meinrath (@saschameinrath / X-Lab – USA) and Mohamad Najem (@MoNajem / Social Media Exchange – Lebanon). Moderated by Kelli Arena (@KelliArena / Global Center for Journalism and Democracy – USA).
Join us tomorrow, the 7th of May at 6.30 pm at the USJ Campus de l’Innovation et du Sport, Beirut, Lebanon. Please confirm your attendance.


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