New Draft Law Threatens Jordanian Internet Freedom

Jordan is taking new steps toward limiting Internet freedom, according to the blogger Tarakiyee.
Tarakiyee expressed his frustration with a new telecommunication draft law, citing the anticipated effect of one article in particular:

According to the law draft, article 6 (b) gives the government sweeping powers to dictate guidelines that censor entire categories of websites if they wish. This clause alone can cripple free access to Information and Free Speech, both rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

According to an article in Ad Dustour, private companies in the communications and technology sector are also critiquing the law because of the expansive authority it provides the managing committee, “creating an imbalance of power” between the committee and the companies and their customers.
SMEX supports Jordanian netizens’ right to access a free and open, diverse and dynamic Internet. We’ll continue to follow this story as it evolves.


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