Shared by @IN4SM
Shared by @IN4SM

Another leaked document was just shared an hour ago on the Iraqi Network for Social Media (INSM). This is a pledge forcing ISP providers to keep blocking Internet. Here’s an unofficial translation for the document:


I promise to abide by not providing Internet services in areas listed below from the main tower and sub-towers, and I take all the legal and security consequences, and the agent name and his address will be included in the list of names that threatens national security. Knowing that there’s a specialized security committee that is checking on this topic.

Areas included in the blocking:

Hay Al Adel, AlGhazalieh, Abou Ghreib, Alradwanieh, AlMahmoudieh, AlLatifieh, Faluja, Jarf el Sakhr, Al Taji, AlYoussfieh, AlMassib.

Note that same areas were mentioned in the previous leaked document to have a total shut down on the Internet.