Mapping The Arabic Blogosphere – Study

We have recently come across a study, conducted by the Berkman Research Center for Internet and Society and titled: Mapping the Arabic Blogosphere (pdf), by Bruce Elting, John Kelly, Robert Faris and John Palfrey.

This study came after another study on the Iranian Blogosphere in April 2008, titled: Mapping Iran’s Online Public: Politics and Culture in the Persian Blogosphere (pdf), by John Kelly and Bruce Elting.

Some of the key findings is the mapping of the bloggers’ geolocation, the language they use, their preferred topics, gender distribution and the relationship between all these factors when one exists.

Then the study goes into details about each country, including Lebanon in specific.

The study discusses is gender division in detail, among other things.One of the key findings is that the female bloggers’ population tends to be younger than the male population, keeping in mind that both populations are young (vast majority under the age 35).

The YouTube section details several case studies from different countries and how the Arab Blogosphere uses this tool in specific.


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