Launching a New Online Advocacy Course in Sudan

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With the help of online advocacy experts, and within a peer-to-peer learning environment, this online e-course will focus on building the capacity of Sudanese netizens and organizations on the use of social media in advocacy. Participants will acquire social media and advocacy skills in order to lobby and advocate for social issues in need of collective action and positive change.The course will run from August 15, 2015 until October 15, 2015; and will be followed with 6 weeks of coaching for the most promising campaigns. Participants graduating from the course will earn a certificate from SUDIA and SMEX as a “Savvy Strategist” in Sudan.print_test-_eng_400x400

Who is the E-course for?
Applicants must have basic knowledge of social media platforms and be comfortable using technology, online educational platforms and/or smart phone applications. They must also be engaged in their communities and organized formally or informally; and/or have an interest in campaigning or an involvement in campaigning for local issues.

Course fees and how to book?
Course fees are 200 SDP (Two Hundred Sudanese Pounds) for the entire 8-week course and are payable in full upon acceptance of your application. Payment can be made at SUDIA offices in Khartoum, Sudan. Course fees may be waived for individual applicants that are unable to meet the fee, however applicants will be required to submit an undertaking that they will fully commit to completing the e-course and participation. To book your place please fill out and submit the online application form. Application deadline is 31 July 2015.

Your Commitment
The format and delivery of this e-course is ideal for fitting it within a busy schedule and makes it possible to balance personal, professional, and family time commitments. However, participants will need to be disciplined and keep up with the work. We estimate that you will need to dedicate 5 – 7 hours of work each week, depending in your pace of learning and the extent of your coverage of the suggested reading materials.
To enhance the learning experience participants and afford participants a chance to network with each other and discuss collaborative online campaign ideas, participants resident in Khartoum will be required to attend 2 to 3 meetings to be held at SUDIA office in Khartoum.

Programme Guide
Here is a quick look at the topics that will be covered in the E-course. Be sure to check out the detailed programme guide for more details about each week.1381420706imageleftSavyStategistEn

Week 1: Introduction to the platform.
Week 2: Defining Digital Advocacy.
Week 3: Writing SMART Digital Goals.
Week 4: Identifying Stakeholders and Creating Audience Profiles.
Week 5: Messaging Strategy: Developing Messages- Part 1.
Week 6 :Messaging Strategy: Delivering Messages- Part 2.
Week 7: Choosing and Implementing Tactics.
Week 8 : Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning.

About the course organizers
Social Media Exchange (SMEX) is a Lebanese media advocacy and development non-profit organization with more than 20 years’ experience in training, research, and advocacy on strategic communications and human rights in a digital world.Our mission is to promote expanded and informed participation of the more than 300 million people living in Middle East and North African countries as they push for more just, equitable, and democratic societies.

SUDIA (Sudanese Development Initiative) is a non-governmental organization that is working for greater stability, development, and good governance in Sudan by reducing violence, empowering youth and advancing the role of the media and civil society.

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