Knol: "Wehdat Al Marifa"

If you’re skilled at a certain topic, you can now write your own article and share it with the world.
Since there is a lack of Arabic content on the internet, Google launched a service called Knol, in Arabic. It’s a free tool that makes it easy to create, collaborate on, and publish credible web content. Basically, it lets users write about the things they’re considered experts on for others to see, modify or supplement.
So, at last, we get to have a free online “article-idia” in Arabic, seeing that a Knol (probably derived from the word ‘knowledge’) is an authoritative article about a specific topic.

Readers can now access information they are searching for that they otherwise could not obtain in Arabic.
Knol’s tag phrase is “wehdat almarifa” translated as “the unit of knowledge”. Check it out, create your own content, and let us know!
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