Iraq Telecom Ministry Orders ISPs: Kill The Internet in Five Provinces


A leaked document from the Iraqi telecom ministry (@_3lawi confirmed seeing similar document, with no confirmation yet from the MOT) shows that the government has decided that the best solution to fight false and embarrassing online news is by doing what Mubarak did three and half years ago in Egypt, kill the Internet.

In addition to being a violation of Iraqis’ rights, the action is seen as a rejection of efforts by Iraqi bloggers of the country-wide Iraqi Network for Social Media to fight false news not with censorship but with more accurate news. Search for the hashtag #INSM_iq as well as this list of trusted Twitter users from inside the country to follow developments.

The two-page document from the Ministry of Telecommunications in Iraq is dated June 15, under #5214. Below is an unofficial translation:

To all Internet Service Providers (Oufok Al Samaa, IQ Network, Earth Network, Earthlink, AlSared, NouroZtel, FastIraq, ITC, HalaSat, AlJazeera):

Following the current security incidents and the exceptional situation that Iraq is having, and instructed by the Chancellery of the National Security, it is decided the below:

1- Shut down the Internet totally on these Provinces: Ninawa, Anbar, Saleh El Din, Kirkuk, Diyalah.

2- Block all access to VPN in all Iraq from 4 pm until 7 am on daily basis

3- Block all access to these websites in all Iraq: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Viber, Skype. In addition to other applications: Tango, Wechat, Instagram, didi

4- Block all access to Internet from all these areas: AlAdel, AlGhazlieh, Abu Greib, AlRadwanieh, AlMahmoudieh, AlLuteifiah, Falouja, Jarf Sakher, Al Taji, Al Youssfieh, Al Missyeb)

There will be a special security committee specialized to to check that you are following these instructions. The companies that won’t obey will be threatening the security of the country.

Saleh Hassan Ali

Acting General Manager

Few Iraqi activists (who prefer to remain anonymous) attributes the action to the fact that Maliki failed to get majority in the Parliament to announce state of emergency in Iraq, and in this case his government and the Ministry of Telecommunication is illegally ordering ISPs to cut the Internet following the Iraqi laws. Companies have the right to decline their request, but unfortunately they won’t, he says, because keeping their business is their priority and not their users’ rights.

Shared by @_3lawi


Shared by @_3lawi