Hacklab 1: How the Internet Works

In April 2017, SMEX launched a program to empower youth with the knowledge and tools needed to safely navigate the internet. “Abtal el-fada’ el-raqmi” (أبطال الفضاء الرقمي) aims to create a community of tech-savvy youth committed to using the internet for social change.
In its first phase, the program consists of six hacklabs designed to equip the participants with the knowledge necessary to understand the digital sphere and the tools needed to help make it a safer space.
Our first hacklab focused on explaining to the youth how the internet works. Together with our digital heroes, we produced a video that illustrates the trajectory of a text message from its sender to its recipient and provides a helpful tip on how to keep one’s messages private.

This page is available in a different language العربية (Arabic) هذه الصفحة متوفرة بلغة مختلفة


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