Get Creative: Use Twitter with your Blog!

Dash through the Twitter/blogging experience. Armed with a phrase of 140 characters, you can use Twitter to the benefit of your blog. Because Twitter is a place to share almost anything, striking up a random conversation will help you make connections with your followers and thus, enhance networking.
It takes a simple post to engage an audience. Mentioning your blog in a tweet is a great way to promote it. Post the link on Twitter and pass on helpful info related to your blog’s focus. By showing devotion to your online community, your contacts will be more apt to forward your links to their friends, and if used regularly, Twitter can be a practical source of traffic to your online journal.
The mini-blogging service also helps you get feedback about what you’ve posted. Because it is quick and simple to use, it can be the ideal place to start a poll or share an idea and receive several responses within a matter of minutes. It also helps you gather inspiration for new posts, or collect links to fresh sources of information.
In an article on, titled “How I Use Twitter to Update my BlogChris Brogan, blogger and media technology mentor shares a few tips on how he doubled his blog traffic with Twitter. Brogan advises bloggers using Twitter to “ask a question”. He goes on and says: “Instead of telling your Twitter audience that you’ve published a new post, ask them their opinion on the core topic you’ve covered”. According to him, engaging followers will yield good results.
Adding Twitter to your blog is very easy. If you want to integrate Twitter with, click here. Make sure that you already have a Twitter account and an account on as well.
In case you have thoughts on how to incorporate Twitter with other blogging platforms, please share!


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