Fundraising for Human Rights: A New Tactics Dialogue

This month’s online dialogue at New Tactics in Human Rights is about fundraising for human rights. Here’s the lead-in:
Protecting and promoting human rights is valuable and important work. In order to do this work, organizations need financial resources. Although there are many funders that recognize the value in financially supporting human rights efforts, many organizations struggle to find enough funding to support their work.
The dialogue, which started today, will raise questions such as:

  • Where’s the money for human rights?
  • How can funders collaborate with human rights organizations more effectively?
  • What are the components of a sustainable funding strategy for human rights work?

Featured practitioners will begin the discussion and share their experience while the dialogues are open to human rights practitioners, fundraisers, funders, this promises to be a lively conversation. This online dialogue is open to anyone interested in sharing their experiences and ideas on this topic. All you need to do is join the New Tactics online community and add your comments to the dialogue, which continues until January 24.


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