Egypt army facebook
This is the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces official Facebook page. It has more than 100,000 Likes in less than 48h and they’re increasing tremendously. The page opens first with a welcome note in Arabic, which says:
“This page is a gift to the Egyptians and the youth who started the January 25 revolution, and to all the martyrs. We made this page as a decision from the higher president of the armed forces with the hope that the collaboration in the coming period with the Egyptian people will lead to more stability and safety in Egypt. We don’t have any political ambition but the smooth transition to power and democratic change that was the reason for starting the revolution. We didn’t use any force on the protesters. We would like to ask the Egyptians to help us to make our mission easier and to take in consideration that we are the party that represents stability in the country ”
I think it’s interesting that the army is using the same channel the people used to communicate with other people to organize and act.
We would like to know what do you guys think about this initiative by leaving a comment?