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Moments of Gaza, a blog started by Lebanese activist in Gaza Natalie Abou Shakra and Nader Houella, who’s facilitating posting from here in Beirut, is providing a different kind of on-the-ground coverage of the assault that’s blackening the sky only 150 miles or so south of Beirut. I spoke to Nader today about why blogging what’s happening is important, and among his many answers was that blogging lends a witness’ “authenticity and credibility” that other media don’t often provide. He’s trying to spread word of the blog far and wide and sent this appeal this evening:

Dear all,

Moments of Gaza: Uncovering the untold – From Gaza to the world http://gaza08.blogspot.com/ is a blog that has been launched to the world. It features blogs, testimonies and words of eye witnesses right from Gaza. Something which the worldwide media does not cover.

Witnesses include humanitarian activists, aid workers and ordinary people living there. It mainly includes Natalie Abou Shakra, who is the only Lebanese humanitarian activist currently in Gaza, and has refused to return.

Please spread the word and send comments to the bloggers, as they need your support since they are right in the battlefield.

The blog has been featured, along with other similar blogs, in the French Le Monde Newspaper and the Dutch De Volksrant Newspaper.



In brief, both articles indicate that while Gaza is not a place for journalists anymore (for safety reasons) … it has become a vibrant place for bloggers.

If you or anyone you know lives in Gaza and has a story to dliver, please e-mail gaza.live08@gmail.com with your stories, pictures and testimonies.

The blog is very long and has archived posts. For earlier posts click on the dates on the right side of the blog.

Please circulate and spread the word within your contacts and groups. Thank you

In Solidarity,


Moments of Gaza :


Blogging live from the field


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