Last week we started our intensive workshops and our first was “Beginning Blogging” on Wednesday, 20th of August. Our first session is “Writing a Blogging Strategy” to help the attendants prepare a simple strategy and action plan for their organization or their own blog.

I thought to practice the exercise myself and develop a strategy for our blog. Nothing complicated, just answering few simple questions. The first question is: Why are we blogging?

Answering this question will help us define a mission statement for our blog.

The Mission Statement:

This is the starting point of the strategy, and it should be clear, concise ,and representative of the overall purpose.

For example Google’s mission statement is: “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

In an article on, Kelly Kleiman suggests that your mission statement take the following form: “We do [activity] so that [result will occur].”

One of the examples she gives is: “We conduct educational campaigns so the public will demand legislation outlawing smoking,”

Antonette Artiz’s mission statement for the blog is: “connecting the pieces to make your nonprofit vision a reality”.

Our blog’s mission statement is: “To help nonprofit organizations use social media strategically for positive social change”

What is your blog’s mission statement?

Darren Rowse of says: “To identify these missions is very helpful because knowing why we blog then helps us to work out how we should blog to best reach our mission.” He continues by saying that this is not a question about measurable goals, rather get at your motivations and big-picture hopes for your blogging.

Try to take a few minutes today to answer this question:

What is your mission? Why do you blog? Or if you don’t blog yet, why would you want to start one?

Feel free to post your blog’s mission statement or any questions or thoughts in the comments below. And if you want some guided help in planning, creating, and managing a blog for your organization, attend one of our upcoming beginning blogging workshops.