1. I don’t believe in divinity.
    But I believe in humanity.
    They say God Help Them.
    I saw We Help Them.
    They say in God We Trust.
    I say In Us I Trust.
    I’m not an optimist.
    But I sometimes hope against hope.
    I’m not a world power.
    But I have the power of the word.
    I will not hide it.
    I will use it.
    I will blog with it.
    Poverty is not fair.
    Poverty kills millions every day.
    Poverty breads terrorism.
    Poverty is unacceptable.
    Say no to Poverty.
    Give whatever you can give.
    Share whatever you can share.
    Shout as hard as you can.
    Say it as loud as you can.
    Say it in their face.
    Say it where they can see it.
    Stop your selfishness.
    Stop your ruthless pursuit of wealth and riches.
    You’re not alone on this Earth.
    We all have the right to live a decent life.

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