Blackout Day Tomorrow in Jordan

Tomorrow Jordan will witness a blackout day to protest against new amendments in the online media law and the new censorship decision for pornography websites. Here’s some steps on how you can help in the next 24h, if you are a supporter of free and open Internet:

Change your profile picture on Facebook and Twitter to the campaign logo, or a Twibbon picture to support the campaign, and you can change the cover of your Facebook page to raise awareness about this issue (cover is only in Arabic).
Since there’s a fight between the Facebook page that’s pushing for free Internet and another one that’s pushing to censor pornography website, please like their page to give them some advantage, they are 3 times less in the numbers of likes.
Share this information with your friends, also using Twitter with #BlackoutJo and #FreeNetJo will help in the campaign.
Finally, the most important action you can take is to turn your blog or website to black by copy/pasting these codes (it only works on WordPress/Blogspot):

<script src=""></script>

This page is available in a different language العربية (Arabic) هذه الصفحة متوفرة بلغة مختلفة


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