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A to Z of Web 2.0 for Social Change:

It is not easy to group the Web 2.0 technologies, trends, and websites in an A to Z series, because many of them start with the same letter and we had to scratch our head to fit some in other letters. But we will do it because we hope it is going to be “infotaining” […]

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From on the ground to on the air: Why NGOs need to think more like journalists

In our digital environment, everyone is a producer of content. Including journalists. This means that typically bottom-rung newspaper and television reporters begin to function less like fact gatherers and more like editors, culling and packaging content rather than writing up facts. As UK journalism professor Paul Bradshaw writes in his multipart post about the 21st […]

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Another point of view about blogging in Lebanon

A blog post by Nash Suleiman of Visions Projection about Wednesday’s SMEx social hour on blogging and alternative media in Lebanon ended like this: Arab meetings in general consist of meeting up and talking, then forming a committee to analyze that discussion which in return will pass it to another group to approve the talks […]

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Combatting hate in the electronic sphere

After yesterday’s post on our first social hour, in which I asked whether a blog aggregator with a set of community guidelines might be one way to help stem the flow of hate speech online, I found (via an effort—an Arab effort—to do just that. In Bahrain, discussions between Mahmood, a blogger, and his […]

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