A to Z of Web 2.0 for Social Change: D

D for Delicious, but it is not something to eat. Delicious is one of the most popular social bookmarking websites. It allows you to save your bookmarks on their website and tag them.

Why use Delicious:

With Delicious you can access your bookmarks from anywhere, and this is a big advantage over browser based bookmarks.

Delicious is social, because you can share your bookmarks with other people and check their bookmarks, if they made them public. This social characteristic can save you time and help you find interesting and related sites easier.

Social Bookmarking can help your organization in two ways:

• Create a network to be a shared resource where your staff, and even volunteers, can save bookmarks, and you can embed this on your blog, website or some of your social network profiles.

• Increase your website and blog visibility by allowing your visitors to easily add it to their social bookmarking accounts.

How to use Delicious

1. Signup for an account at delicious.com
2. Add their plugin to your browser
3. When you find an interesting site, click the tag button on your browser and add description and tags for the site.
4. Bookmark your own site and ask your volunteers and supporters to add it to their social bookmarking accounts.

The following video will give you an overview about social bookmarking and delicious. Enjoy.

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