Make Way for Arabic Twitter!

Since there are a number of Arab users on Twitter but there are a lot more that do not use the micro-blogging network due to the barrier of language, is using the Twitter application to deliver an interface in Arabic that supports right to left entry of tweets. There aren’t many options available right […]

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Summing Up Blog Action Day

Yesterday was all about Blog Action Day and publishing simultaneously with the international blogosphere about a topic of global concern, poverty. We also experimented with live blogging from Rootspace. Last evening marked our very first attempt at blogging live– which explains why at one point, we asked you to get set and ‘Bog’—typos, mind you. […]

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Blog Action Day: Poverty in Lebanon

Adapted from “Poverty, Growth, and Income Distribution in Lebanon,” a 2008 country study from the International Poverty Centre Nearly 8 percent of the Lebanese population live under conditions of extreme poverty (i.e., below the ‘lower’ poverty line) (Figure 2). This implies that almost 300,000 individuals in Lebanon are unable to meet their most basic […]

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