The Importance of Search, and Finding Our Blindspots

When you’re developing something new, one of my favorite media professors once told me, whether it’s a theory, a curriculum, a focus group survey, procedures, or legislation, there are bound to be blindspots, pieces of the puzzle we discount or simply don’t see, often because we take them for granted. In developing the first set […]

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Put Lebanon on the Web 2.0 Map!—And Win $100,000

This week,, Google’s philanthropic arm, has announced a competition called the Geo Challenge. We’d like to enter the competition but not as Social Media Exchange alone. Instead, we’re calling on all who are interested—civil society partners and colleagues, and civic-minded journalists, businesspeople, and entrepreneurs, too—to join us in brainstorming ways to use online mapping […]

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Last Chance to Enter the IdeaSpace Challenge

Civil society and development workers, technologists, and entrepreneurs! Do you drive your friends and coworkers crazy with all your wacky ideas for saving the world? Well, now’s the time to prove that your rants are more than just a lot of hot air. Enter the IdeaSpace Challenge. Conceived by The RootSpace the Lebanon host of […]

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