SMEX advances digital rights
in West Asia and North Africa.

Who we are

SMEX is a non-profit that advocates for and advances human rights in digital spaces across West Asia and North Africa.

Our Vision

Our vision is for everyone living in WANA and the diaspora to be able to access and engage with the internet, mobile services, and other networked spaces safely and without fear of censorship, surveillance, or repercussion.

Our mission

We advance digital rights in the West Asia and North Africa region through research, campaigns, and advocacy. We encourage users to engage with digital technology, media, and social networks responsibly and critically.

What we do

Our Digital Safety Helpdesk assists internet users facing digital threats in the region


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Latest Articles

Latest news at the intersection of technology and human rights in WANA.

Kuwait’s cybercrime law extends censorship to the online realm

Following the waves of protests in the 2010s, both in the region and throughout the world, from Africa to South…

Lebanese telecom minister favors unlawful bid for A2P services 

As of February 14, 2024, the Minister of Telecommunications approved a re-bid, confirming suspicions that he might be under pressure…

Privacy and security at risk: Lebanese security agencies accessing the...

While mobile operators use the network monitoring system to keep up the quality of service and follow up on users’…

It takes one click

For a renowned journalist, an invitation to speak at a French institution should not be a source of alarm. And…

Lebanese MPs launch racist reporting application 

Around one month ago, an infamous crime in Beirut led to the killing of a municipal guard. Its consequences, however,…

Jordan: Will the new law protect people’s data?

After years of being stowed away in government departments, Jordan’s “Personal Data Protection Law” (PDPL) is set to take effect…

Lebanon: Mass Data Breaches, Government Unable to Protect Citizens’ Privacy

Within one week, several cases of personal data breaches affecting Lebanese citizens have been reported, the most flagrant of which…

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