Global Voices Summit 2008

You can access the live webcast to see what’s being talked about in Budapest. The day started with Ethan Zuckerman and Rebecca MacKinnon, cofounders of Global Voices, talking a bit about the history of GV and the many offshoots that have followed, including Lingua for tanslation, Rising Voices to bring blogging to beyond the Internet […]

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Al Qaeda: So Web 1.0

Inevitably in our Web 2.0 seminar, we talk about the fact that technology, like any tool, can be a force for bad as well as a force for good. It basically depends on who’s using it. I always argue that just because technology can be used to make bad things happen doesn’t mean we shouldn’t […]

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June 24: An Instructive Seminar For CRS’ Staff

Our second training seminar took place on 24 June at the offices of Catholic Relief Services in Sodeco, Beirut. The tutorial was attended by a dozen or so members of the CRS staff and covered a selection of topics on Web 2.0. We launched the workshop by familiarizing the audience with the concept of Web […]

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