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Share Beirut stickets

Share Is Hitting Beirut!!

Many people from different places in the world are joining SHAREbeirut to share their knowledge, ideas and vision to topics related to Internet, Netculture, hacktivisn, Anonymity, Censorship, Future, Remix… You are going to be busy and having fun this weekend, because SHARE conference is not like any other conference, it’s full of youth, music, performances […]

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Broadband in Lebanon: No Longer a “Pipe” Dream?

Lebanon’s woefully inadequate Internet connectivity has long been a subject of national frustration, but a recent announcement by the Lebanese Telecommunications Ministry has given Lebanese Internet users some cause for optimism. The Ministry announced on Tuesday that the IMEWE (India-Middle East-Western Europe) submarine cable, which has been operational since 2009, has finally been activated, opening […]

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