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NGOs: Start Your Media Streams!

Editors from global citizen journalism and opinion sites are looking for contributors from the Middle East. New journalists and writers practice their craft writing for these sites while also getting the reinforcement of seeing something “in print” and reaching wide audiences. There’s no reason NGOs can’t also become citizen media organizations and make it a […]

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A to Z of Web 2.0 for Social Change: C

C for Collaboration: which is the teamwork for a common goal. It’s the structured process of sharing of planning, making decisions, solving problems, working together cooperatively. The Internet offers great tools for online collaboration, and the Web 2.0 is a natural platform for efficient and effective online collaboration. Online Collaboration connects distributed teams and makes […]

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From on the ground to on the air: Why NGOs need to think more like journalists

In our digital environment, everyone is a producer of content. Including journalists. This means that typically bottom-rung newspaper and television reporters begin to function less like fact gatherers and more like editors, culling and packaging content rather than writing up facts. As UK journalism professor Paul Bradshaw writes in his multipart post about the 21st […]

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June 24: An Instructive Seminar For CRS’ Staff

Our second training seminar took place on 24 June at the offices of Catholic Relief Services in Sodeco, Beirut. The tutorial was attended by a dozen or so members of the CRS staff and covered a selection of topics on Web 2.0. We launched the workshop by familiarizing the audience with the concept of Web […]

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