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With Free Expression in the Arab World, Where Do We Begin?

  This is the first installment in SMEX’s Working Drafts Series on the emerging legal framework for free expression online in the Arab world. Subscribe to get updates and learn about related events. You can add your ideas and comments below or by sending us an email at info@smex.org. Thanks to the Internet, mobile phones, and social media, never before has so […]

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SMEX Launches “Working Drafts” Series on the Emerging Legal Framework for Free Expression Online in the Arab World

Since 2011 several new laws (we’re still counting how many) have been drafted, updated, and/or passed in Arab countries that further threaten freedom of expression and other civil and political rights. These laws—which include amendments to press laws, counter-terrorism measures, and legislation against cybercrime, as well as executive decrees—not only add to the chilling effects on speech of existing legal restrictions, but […]

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Last Chance to Enter the IdeaSpace Challenge

Civil society and development workers, technologists, and entrepreneurs! Do you drive your friends and coworkers crazy with all your wacky ideas for saving the world? Well, now’s the time to prove that your rants are more than just a lot of hot air. Enter the IdeaSpace Challenge. Conceived by The RootSpace the Lebanon host of […]

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