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Make Way for Arabic Twitter!

Since there are a number of Arab users on Twitter but there are a lot more that do not use the micro-blogging network due to the barrier of language, Artwitter.com is using the Twitter application to deliver an interface in Arabic that supports right to left entry of tweets. There aren’t many options available right […]

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A to Z of Web 2.0 for Social Change: K

K for Kiva.org: From their Website: Kiva.org (www.kiva.org) is the world’s first person-to-person micro-lending website, empowering individuals to lend directly to an entrepreneur in the developing world. Founded in 2005 by Matt and Jessica Flannery, Kiva.org’s mission is to connect people, through lending, to alleviate poverty. Kiva.org currently connects lenders in more than 70 countries […]

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A to Z of Web 2.0 for Social Change : G

G for Google. Google is the leading search engine with about 70% market share. The name is derived from “Googol” which means 1 followed by a 100 zeros, and it was started in a Stanford University dorm as a project to provide better Internet search results. Today, Google offers many services and tools that can […]

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A to Z of Web 2.0 for Social Change: F

F for Facebook: Facebook is a social network to connect people and help facilitate communication and information sharing among its huge base of members. It is a very popular social network worldwide. Facebook’s initial purpose is not for the promotion of activism and social change. However, non-profit organizations can leverage facebook’s popularity and increase membership […]

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