SMEX Seeks Contributors from Arabic-speaking Countries

The recent, mass protests in the region have challenged the closing of online and offline civic space by governments and companies who, through their policies and other means, restrict online speech, limit access to the internet, expand surveillance, and contribute to the spread of hate speech and disinformation online. SMEX seeks contributors from the Arabic-speaking region to write about digital rights issues and violations in their countries. By documenting these stories, SMEX can better advocate for policies that advance and defend digital rights across the region.

If you are a journalist or writer who cares about digital rights in the Arabic-speaking region, SMEX wants to highlight your voice and coverage as part of our effort to ensure an accessible and secure digital space for all. The contributors can deliver 1-3 articles per month according to the agreement with the editorial team. Arabic language is preferable but we accept pitches in English as well. Contributions will be paid per article.

If you are interested in writing articles for SMEX, please complete this online form, and we will contact you soon.

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