[Expired] NDU Hosts “Media Studies Forum 2016: Threats to Digital Rights in Lebanon”

On May 23, Notre Dame University (NDU), in Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon, will host its third annual Media Studies Forum (MSF16). Titled “MSF16: Threats to Digital Rights in Lebanon,” the forum will cover current challenges to free expression and privacy online in Lebanon, and globally, in two moderated panel discussions. It is hosted under the auspices of Minister of Telecommunications Boutros Harb, who will open the forum.   

Speakers include Nidal Ayoub, documentary producer and media Lecturer; Gabriel Deek, general manager of OmniSystems Company and founding member and president of LebKnoC, and president of ISOC (Internet Society) Lebanon chapter; Farah Wahab, project manager at MARCH Association; Chadi Maalouf, program manager at Voice of Lebanon (VDL); Habib Battah, investigative journalist, filmmaker, and editor of beirutreport.com; and Nassim AbiGhanem, program coordinator at SKeyes Foundation. SMEX co-directors Jessica Dheere and Mohamad Najem will participate in both panels.

The forum will culminate with a session of recommendations.


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