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Over the last 25 years, the rapid adoption of digital technologies has enabled unimaginable opportunities even as it has raised many new social, political, and ethical issues that we’re only just beginning to understand. Unfortunately, as we become more dependent on our internet connections and smart phones, the threats to democracy and digital rights seem to increase, both in the Arab region and around the globe. Our ability to act together and show solidarity with one another—whether online or offline—will determine the future we live in.

Since 2008, SMEX has been dedicated to preparing netizens for just this kind of action, by developing media and information literacy, expanding knowledge of internet policy and governance, and advocating for human rights online. Nearing our ten-year anniversary, we continue to be a people-oriented, tech-savvy organization that promotes evidence-based internet policy and digital rights advocacy.

In 2017, we’re inviting you to  add your voice to the growing digital rights and open culture movement in Lebanon and the broader region by becoming a SMEX charter member.

In 2017, we’re inviting you to  add your voice to the growing digital rights and open culture movement in Lebanon and the broader region by becoming a SMEX charter member. To achieve our ambitious objectives, we want you to join us and become a SMEX member as we renew our commitment to a digital environment everyone can enjoy.

Membership will instantly connect you to a strong and growing community of open-data, free-speech, and privacy advocates and also brings with it some great benefits, including co-working access at Masaha, our new space for digital rights and culture in the Badaro neighborhood of Beirut.

The Benefits of Membership

SMEX is now accepting charter members, individuals and organizations. As a member, you will play a key role in keeping the organization strong. The benefits of charter membership include:

  • Subscription to our members-only mailing list that hosts announcements and discussions on digital rights and open culture in Lebanon and the broader Arab region
  • First notice of limited-space SMEX events at Masaha and other venues
  • Free and discounted co-working access at Masaha, complete with free internet; coffee, tea and refreshments; healthy snacks; and a friendly community
  • Locker access (first-come, first-served)
  • 10 percent discounts on room rental for meetings (for up to 12 people), workshops (up to 24), and screenings or panel discussions (up to 40)
  • In-person voting at our annual general membership meeting (one vote per individual, organization)
  • Optional locker access


Membership Contribution
Individual LL 100,000 ($67)
Local organization LL 225,000 ($150)
Regional or international organization Case by case basis
Co-working access (for members only) Contribution
One visit LL 20,000 ($13.33)
Booklet of 10 visits LL 150,000 ($100)


  • Individual memberships start at LL 100,000 ($67) per year and include four free co-working visits. Members can purchase additional co-working visits, either day-to-day (LL 20K/$13.33) or in books of 10 (LL 150k/$100) for more regular work routines.
  • Memberships for local groups start at LL 225,000 ($150) per year and include 8 free hotdesk drop-ins. Regional and international organizations are encouraged to inquire about membership.

To learn more, take a tour, or become a member, sign up now. We’ll give you a call to answer your questions and schedule a time when you can pass by and take a tour.

Become a SMEX Member
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