Tasharuk: A Collaborative Knowledge Base for Netizens

tasharuk-logoWith a name that means “to collaborate” in Arabic, Tasharuk makes it easier for digital media trainers, activists, and civil society groups to find and amplify high-quality guides, manuals, reports, instructional videos, tutorials, software, and other tools.

Among the platform’s aims are to foster closer collaboration among Arabic-speaking digital media trainers and advocates, as well as identify knowledge gaps in available content.

To date, the platform features more than 500 resources, including nearly 300 in Arabic, in 42 categories. Anyone can sign up for an account by following this short guide. Once you have an account, you can share resources via social media and also submit your own.

Future plans for the platform include developing an API, so that organizations can embed resource feeds on their sites and an array of features to make resource-sharing more social and collaborative, since after all, that’s the name of the game.