NetHawwal: Online Learning for the Arab Information Society

nethawwal-iconNetHawwal, which means “we transform in Arabic,” is an online learning platform that helps people of all ages develop the digital skills they need to amplify unheard voices and hold power accountable in an information society.

Our first class comprised more than 30 participants from 14 Arab countries who followed the eight-week online course in digital advocacy strategy, called the Savvy Strategist. One graduate called it his “best experience to date in the online world.” We’re currently developing new courses in digital storytelling, social media verification, and digital safety.

Built for adult learners with busy schedules, NetHawwal lets users start and stop according to their needs and also incorporates quizzes, one-on-one mentoring on assignments, and peer-to-peer user forums. Both the platform and all content are fully localized into Arabic.

NetHawwal has been listed by ICFJ as one of 8 online learning platforms to improve journalists skills. Check recent testimonials on the course, and follow @NetHawwal and like the NetHawwal Facebook Page for new offerings.