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Process Notes

One of the things that I wished we had done during our project last year was to take better notes about the process of developing and implementing our plans. Not only would this provide an opportunity for us to reflect on what was working and what wasn’t, but it would provide a record of what […]

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SMEX Launches a Six-Month Project to Train Trainers in Social Media for Peacebuilding and Youth Empowerment

On May 1, SMEX officially launched its follow-on activities to last year’s series of seminars and workshops that covered Web 2.0 concepts and tools training for applying social media to social change in Lebanon. It’s a particularly auspicious start date, we think, given May Day‘s celebration of workers’ rights and the spirit of linking together, […]

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Lessons Learned from Global Voices 2008

I’ve just returned from two days at the 2008 Global Voices Summit in Budapest. Without a doubt, this was one of the most enriching experiences I’ve had since joining the world of participatory media and citizen journalism full-time. The first day of the program focused mostly on bloggers dealing with filtering and censorship in their […]

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Global Voices Summit 2008

You can access the live webcast to see what’s being talked about in Budapest. The day started with Ethan Zuckerman and Rebecca MacKinnon, cofounders of Global Voices, talking a bit about the history of GV and the many offshoots that have followed, including Lingua for tanslation, Rising Voices to bring blogging to beyond the Internet […]

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