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WSIS Forum 2013 - Multi-Stakeholder approach to Governance of the Internet (ICANN). Courtesy ITU/Claudio Montesano Casillas

Call for Applications: Researching Internet Policy for Advocacy in MENA

Knowledge about Internet policy and governance in the MENA region isn’t easy to come by. While facts and figures about Internet penetration and social media usage exist, it is exceptionally difficult to find well-documented, rigorous analysis about how legal and technical frameworks are affecting the way people in the region exercise their rights online. Over […]

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The #ASM2014 Participants

Arab Social Media Activists Meet in Amman

Seventeen Arab activists, including myself and Alaa Sayegh representing SMEX, met in the ever-charming city of Amman for a weekend of presentations, conversations, and workshops hosted by 7iber, a Jordanian citizen media collective, and supported by 7amleh, a Palestinian citizen media collective, and the American Friends Service Committee. The conference—tweets were aggregated with the hashtag […]

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Social Media News Gathering and Fact Checking Workshop

  A one-day social media news gathering and verification workshop will be held at Ajaltoun Municipality in Kesserwan, Mount Lebanon, on Saturday, November 23. The free workshop, hosted by SMEX in collaboration with Annahar, aims to engage citizen journalists as active contributors to the newspaper’s new live blog. During the workshop, participants will learn: Basics of news gathering […]

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Workshop poster

Workshop: Quieting the Lizard Brain

We love the name of this workshop, being fascinated by the amygdala—that part of the brain that dictates our emotional responses to the things we see and hear—and daunted by the fear and self-doubt it can generate. Realizing that “creative minds were searching for answers to overwhelming obstacles, limitless questions, and creative blocks,” the good […]

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