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Joint Statement from Civil Society to Technology Companies for Expanded Transparency Reports

The undersigned organizations:  Arlan, Kazakhstan Bolo Bhi, Pakistan Foundation for Media Alternatives, Philippines Fundacion Karisma, Colombia Social Media Exchange, Lebanon Commend the recent efforts adopted by more than 43 companies to produce transparency reports that document the numbers of content removal and data requests by government and encourage all companies that collect user data to […]

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Twitter’s Transparency Report: Can It Help Hold Arab Governments to Account?

On Monday, Twitter released its sixth Transparency Report. Covering the last six months of 2014, the report outlines government and other requests to Twitter for account information “typically in connection with criminal investigations,” content removals, and DMCA takedown notices. The company noted a 40% increase in information requests affecting 48% more accounts over the previous […]

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Is Iraq restricting speech on Facebook?

Judiciary spokesman in Iraq AbdelSater El Bayrakdar shared in a press release yesterday that libel and insult on Facebook are punishable crimes, and Facebook will be considered as a media platform from now on. The justification for the new policy, according to the statement, is drawn from Article 4 of the Iraqi penal code (number 111 from […]

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Getting a Grasp on Laws Governing Online Speech in MENA Countries

Since 2011, there has been a pronounced increase in the promulgation of legislation governing the rights of Internet users in the Arab region and in Iran. The laws affect digital rights both directly, through specific mention of online channels in penal codes and press and publications and media laws, as well as indirectly, in anti-terrorism […]

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