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Residents of Zaatari

Logging on in Zaatari: Part II

What Syrian refugees in Zaatari are doing online Mike Pizzi is on a Fulbright research grant to Jordan, where he is studying Internet access and social media use in refugee communities. The following is the second installment in a two-part report on Internet use in the Zaatari Syrian refugee camp. He can be reached at In […]

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Telecommunication draft law Jordan

New Draft Law Threatens Jordanian Internet Freedom Jordan is taking new steps toward limiting Internet freedom, according to the blogger Tarakiyee. Tarakiyee expressed his frustration with a new telecommunication draft law, citing the anticipated effect of one article in particular: According to the law draft, article 6 (b) gives the government sweeping powers to dictate guidelines that censor entire categories of websites if they wish. […]

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