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Web 2.0 Workshop in the City of Sun

Last Tuesday we had our “intro to Web 2.0 for Social Change” workshop in Baalbek, which is 85 km north east of Beirut. Baalbek is known in history as Heliopolis or City of the Sun, and it is famous for its great castle and ruins. However, like most rural areas in Lebanon, there is no […]

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A to Z of Web 2.0 for Social Change: E

E for E-Democracy: E-Democracy is one of the main Web 2.0 characteristics, and it is presented in different technologies, mainly reviews and ratings. E-Democracy allows people to cast their votes and opinions about websites, blogs, products and services. Even Google algorithm took this trend into consideration, when they considered the inbound links to certain websites […]

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A to Z of Web 2.0 for Social Change: D

D for Delicious, but it is not something to eat. Delicious is one of the most popular social bookmarking websites. It allows you to save your bookmarks on their website and tag them. Why use Delicious: With Delicious you can access your bookmarks from anywhere, and this is a big advantage over browser based bookmarks. […]

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A to Z of Web 2.0 for Social Change: C

C for Collaboration: which is the teamwork for a common goal. It’s the structured process of sharing of planning, making decisions, solving problems, working together cooperatively. The Internet offers great tools for online collaboration, and the Web 2.0 is a natural platform for efficient and effective online collaboration. Online Collaboration connects distributed teams and makes […]

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