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A to Z of Web 2.0 for Social Change: C

C for Collaboration: which is the teamwork for a common goal. It’s the structured process of sharing of planning, making decisions, solving problems, working together cooperatively. The Internet offers great tools for online collaboration, and the Web 2.0 is a natural platform for efficient and effective online collaboration. Online Collaboration connects distributed teams and makes […]

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A to Z of Web 2.0 for Social Change: B

This is the second post in our Web 2.0 for Social Change series.B for blogging: A blog is a simple website used to keep a “log” of events, thoughts, and opinions online easily, even if you are not a web programmer. Blogs usually combine text, images, and videos; list items in reverse chronology—new items first; […]

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Another point of view about blogging in Lebanon

A blog post by Nash Suleiman of Visions Projection about Wednesday’s SMEx social hour on blogging and alternative media in Lebanon ended like this: Arab meetings in general consist of meeting up and talking, then forming a committee to analyze that discussion which in return will pass it to another group to approve the talks […]

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