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#FreeMustafaSbeity: With the Detention of Lebanese Poet, Authorities Show Lack of Grace

Update on December 13, 2017: After 15 days of detention, poet Mustafa Sbeity was released on Tuesday, December 12, 2017, after paying a bail of 500000 L.L. (around $333), according to Annahar. However, the public prosecutor did not drop the charges against Sbeity and his case remains open. On Monday, the Internal Security Forces’ Intelligence Unit […]

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Online Vigilantism: A Threat to Justice in Lebanon

The Facebook page “Where is the state? (وينية الدولة؟),” which has over 250,000 likes, regularly posts high-quality videos or pictures documenting alleged crimes in Lebanon, garnering hundreds of thousands of views. While Facebook suspended the page on Tuesday, September 26, because it posted personally identifiable information about two individuals, its backup page, which has almost […]

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