Bread&Net 2022: Call for Illustrators

Over the past decade, civil society has depended on digital networks and tools for advocacy efforts and mobilization. In our region, however, the advantages these networks and tools afford have been mitigated by increasingly restrictive laws, scaled-up mass surveillance, disinformation campaigns, and crackdowns on online freedom of expression. 

The four previous editions of Bread&Net successfully nurtured and expanded a regional digital rights community by offering an open and safe space for participants to discuss issues ranging from state-surveillance to content moderation and knowledge production. We want to capture this collaborative spirit in visual form!

Illustrators are invited to attend some sessions in Beirut and create on-the-spot sketches depicting online networking in our digital era. The purpose of these illustrations is to capture the liveliness and enthusiasm that take place during the event.

Bread&Net 2022 will host more than 90 sessions tackling topics under the 19 main tracks. The sessions are divided according to their type and duration. 


  1. Proven experience in sketching and illustration with creative talent
  2. Good eye for capturing emotion and expressions
  3. Ability to be precise and accurate
  4. Be able to work quickly to create likeness
  5. Strong listening and communication skills
  6. Based in one of the Arab countries
  7. Interest in digital rights is a must
  8. Proficiency in Arabic and English

500 USD 

Expected working hours
Four to five hours per day over the festival’s days (15,16, and 17 November)

If you are the person we are looking for, fill out this form before October 20, 2022.

Reach out to us if you have any questions:

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