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WSIS Forum 2013 - Multi-Stakeholder approach to Governance of the Internet (ICANN). Courtesy ITU/Claudio Montesano Casillas

Call for Applications: Researching Internet Policy for Advocacy in MENA

Knowledge about Internet policy and governance in the MENA region isn’t easy to come by. While facts and figures about Internet penetration and social media usage exist, it is exceptionally difficult to find well-documented, rigorous analysis about how legal and technical frameworks are affecting the way people in the region exercise their rights online. Over […]

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Twitter’s Transparency Report: Can It Help Hold Arab Governments to Account?

On Monday, Twitter released its sixth Transparency Report. Covering the last six months of 2014, the report outlines government and other requests to Twitter for account information “typically in connection with criminal investigations,” content removals, and DMCA takedown notices. The company noted a 40% increase in information requests affecting 48% more accounts over the previous […]

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Getting in Touch with Open Data: Nouwweb v1.0

This week, as part of a new initiative to promote civic engagement in Lebanon, developers from Lamba Labs and the SMEX team are launching a new tool called Nouwweb that allows people to easily access essential public information about the members of parliament who represent them. The tool aims to encourage more frequent and open exchange […]

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Getting a Grasp on Laws Governing Online Speech in MENA Countries

Since 2011, there has been a pronounced increase in the promulgation of legislation governing the rights of Internet users in the Arab region and in Iran. The laws affect digital rights both directly, through specific mention of online channels in penal codes and press and publications and media laws, as well as indirectly, in anti-terrorism […]

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